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Northeast Support Team Coalition

NorthEast Support Team (NEST) Coalition

The East Valley Community Coalition formed in early 2013 in response to the statewide Prevention Redesign Initiative (PRI), now called the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI). This initiative allowed the community of East Valley to maintain their diverse substance abuse prevention coalition and continue providing resources to East Valley families with continued funding. As a part of the initiative, the Northeast Washington Educational Service District (NEWESD 101) also places a full time Student Assistance Professional at East Valley High School to provide direct prevention and intervention services to students. The East Valley School District has also been a primary partner since the coalition’s inception, providing space for a full-time coalition coordinator and space for coalition activities.
Our Commitment

NEST Community Coalition works collaboratively with its members to assure the community is a space where families can feel empowered, are able to really engage with one another, allow their voices to be heard and create a safe and healthy environment for all. We do so by providing programming, resources, education and intervention of substance use that is most relevant to those within our community. In order to do this the coalition considers risk and protective factors, assesses both the Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) – which is taken by both 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders within the State of Washington, and our Community-based survey that our coalition administers each year so we can receive input directly from the youth/families we are serving.

The Northeast Support Team Coalition is working to create a community where families will be able to engage and create a safe and healthy environment through the power of prevention, education and intervention of substance use.
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