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The community of Colfax is contained within the Colfax School District catchment area. Colfax is approximately 2,800 people, located in Whitman County. It is a conservative, tight-knit community that has a history of being supportive of its schools.  The district has approximately 540 students within two schools: the elementary, which is Transitional Kindergarten-6th grade and the Jr./Senior High School with grades 7-12.  The Colfax area is known as being part of the largest wheat-producing area in the world, with generations of families living there. As a rural school district, most of the students are bussed to school and even those living in town, as there are not safe walking routes for students.  Free and reduced lunch students are around 29%, but this demographic is growing with Covid-related stressors. Perhaps due to this, and also the proximity to the university in Pullman, there is also an increase in at-risk youth, vaping, and other issues affecting students.  Covid has also brought increased mental health and suicide risks for students and families, with little resources available, as residents must drive to another town to access support.
Through the Coalition’s data research of Healthy Youth Survey results (2018), 2018 Data Book, WA State Prescription Monitoring Program information, OSPI Report Card, Qualitative Interviews we have identified these to be the priorities to focus on: Community Disorganization and Low Community Connectedness, Social Access (Youth Access to ATOD, Enforcement of Laws and Policies), Favorable Attitude Towards Problem Behavior, Family Management Problems and Early Initiation of Use.


The SUPER Colfax’s mission is to work together to prevent substance use among our youth, raise awareness through education, as well as support all families and community members in making good, healthy lifestyle choices.
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