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Reardan-Edwall Communities Alliance for Prevention

Reardan Edwall Communities Alliance for Prevention (RECAP) Coalition

Reardan is a town in Lincoln County. The town is home to the elementary/middle/high school serving the Reardan-Edwall School District, covering over 360 square miles (930 km2) in Lincoln and Spokane counties.
The Reardan-Edwall Communities Alliance for Prevention(RECAP) Coalition aims to reduce social access of alcohol to youth, reduce community laws and norms favorable to use, increase family management skills, increase community connectedness, and decrease the risk associated with favorable attitudes towards the problem behavior.
Founded in July 2012, RECAP completed a comprehensive strategic plan that serves as a guide for coalition efforts. The plan is reviewed annually to ensure that strategies align with community/school needs. Coalition members are truly invested grassroots community members that are coming together to make a difference.
The mission of the Reardan-Edwall Communities Alliance for Prevention (RECAP) Coalition is to address substance use in the Reardan-Edwall School District communities by implementing sustainable prevention strategies that will reduce substance use and promote healthy and safe communities.
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